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Dayle Sullivan-Taylor
  Dayle Sullivan-Taylor grew up in Wilmington, Massachusetts. She became captivated with wildlife while living in Juneau, Alaska as a child in 1974 &1975. Her passion for wildlife continued to increase through the years. She worked on a horse farm in Alton, New Hampshire for 5 years; she became scuba certified at the age of 12; she took courses at the Dolphin Research Center after graduating Wilmington High School, and joined a research trip to the Brazilian Amazon to study the pink river dolphins.

Dayle began a 16 year career at the New England Aquarium in 1989. There she worked on the Whale Watch as a Naturalist and later as a boat Captain. She also helped out with the Animal Care Center rescuing stranded marine animals.

In 2005, Dayle moved on to a new career as a senior zookeeper at Zoo New England and currently continues to work there. Her duties include caring for all of the animals in the collection at the Stone Zoo in Stoneham, Massachusetts. She also trains the Jaguars, Spider monkeys, Cougars and Black Bears. When not spending time with her family or at work, Dayle enjoys dabbing in the arts including drawing, painting, murals and woodworking. Her love of nature is seen throughout her art.

Dayle is also an avid wildlife photographer. Her photographs have been used in Whale Watching field guides, brochures, newspapers, and on the Internet. Her pictures of a rare beluga whale sighting were used in the Boston Globe and Boston Herald. She has also made appearances on PBS kids shows such as Arthur, and more recently, Curious George.

Jeff Taylor

Jeff Taylor grew up in Cambridge, Massachusetts. He developed an interest in wood working as a young child while watching his Grandfather woodcarving in his small workshop in Malden. His grandfather claimed he could fix anything with his trusty Swiss Army Knife. This always intrigued young Jeff and would greatly influence him as he grew. Jeff joined the Boy Scouts of America at the age of 10. Years later he became an Eagle Scout.

Jeff helped his father build their summer cottage in Harpswell, Maine. This greatly improved his carpentry skills and thus peaked his interest in furniture building. He likes to create shaker style furniture, and wood turning (pens, handmade wooden baby rattles, bowls).

In 1987 Jeff joined the U.S. Coast Guard where he served in the Gulf of Mexico, Puerto Rico and Lampadusa, Italy. He returned in 1989. Later that same year he acquired his US Coast Guard 100 ton Master License. The next 21 years he has spent as a captain for Boston Harbor Cruises, New England Aquarium, and then Odyssey Cruises.

Jeff has always had a love for nature and wildlife, and his experiences in scouting, patrolling the world, and whale watching in Stellwagan Bank National Marine Sanctuary have served to fortify this love.

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